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  • One corrupt image...

    Hi guys. My friend and I were at a bar last night and we took this photo and she really liked it, but now it looks like it got corrupt some how. The thumnail on the camera looks ok but then when it turns into this. Can anybody help me solve this puzzle? I posted it online

    My humble thanks for any help...

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    Re: One corrupt image...

    I've had this happen every so often with my camera - it's a corrupt file, nothing you can do about it.


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      Re: One corrupt image...

      Try Pandora Recovery on the camera's card and see if it can recover the photo.


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        Re: One corrupt image...

        I downloaded and installed Pandora Recovery, unfortunately I'm on Linux (Using Wine to Emulate Windows) and I can't access the card drive with it. Is this my only option?


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          Re: One corrupt image...

          No, there are lots of data recovery programs out there. I like Pandora because it works, it's easy, and it's free. You could google around for another program or look here, or you could ask a friend with windows to try it for you. But definitely retire the card until you've recovered the pic or given up on it. Adding more pictures or formatting the card will decrease your chances of getting the image back.


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            Re: One corrupt image...

            I am just wondering, you said the image is viable on your cameras screen.
            What happens when connect your camera to the computer and view the image via your computer screen but still on the camera is it still viable?...... That should help determine if your camera stores a thumbnail and that might be what you are viewing on your camera.
            Check out the specs on your camera.
            Also try the card in other cameras, a few if possible.
            Do not reformat.
            I have had problems in the past with corrupt files and tend to use the recovery programs associated with the SD, CCF. Example I use Sandisc, so, I will try Sandisc card recovery as a starting point.
            Good luck, I have had success.


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              Re: One corrupt image...

              Yeah, it's definitely just the thumbnail that is visible on the camera. If it tries to load the full image (even on the camera) it goes kaput. So I copied the image to my desktop, but what it seems like you guys are telling me is that I should try to fix it while it is still on the SD card? The thing is this is the only broken image so if I run a repair disk is it going to kill the other images? It's a pretty big SD card and I don't have anywhere to put the images in the mean time. I was thinking it was something like a hex code header or something. I really don't know how these things happen. I'll try the linux disk repair tools on the SD card. I have a Mac too. Maybe there is something for the Mac. Thanks for your help so far guys! My friend really liked this picture of her and it's just so odd it's the only one broken


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                Re: One corrupt image...

                If it was my card I would be finding somewhere to download all your images from the SD card. Do not reformat.

                External storage is very reasonable these days.

                The problem is not that only one image appears corrupt, it is that you dont know why.
                Why it didn't write properly.
                It is unlikly that it is the camera but it is still a very rare possibility.

                I would not be using that card again.

                I wish you good luck in recovering your image.


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                  Re: One corrupt image...

                  you ca use get data back!its a great software. i got back my whole collection of photos which got formatted!


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                    Re: One corrupt image...

                    You file is corrupt but it is recoverable. I ran a trial version of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair and it successfully recovered the file. However because I never purchased a license, it will only show me a tiny watermarked thumbnail. If you are interested the program is available for $39 from
                    Cheers, Murray
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