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My late Christmas gift to the world

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  • My late Christmas gift to the world

    I just completed my latest short video adventure called "Christmas Song Stories" Some of you may have seen my first short film "Kid Soprano"

    I have close to 150 hours into the production of this and would value this groups opinions.

    This link will take you to the page where you can download the movie, and can also read about the "making of". The movie is about 13 minutes long, rated G and appropriate for all ages.

    I did 2 versions of this, the longer version has a family & friend slide show tagged on the end. I would recommend you download the "no family/friend version" Here is the link

    For cable/Dsl connections it will not be that long of a download, for dial up its a long one. I did however post some still captures from the film that will give you a taste. I also attached the cover art I did for the DVD.

    I hope some of you will check it out and offer feedback.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays,

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    Holy cow Carl!! That was an incredible amount of work!!! The neighborhood kids must just love being in your productions. Very cute video - I'm impressed.



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      Just another member of your fan club, Carl!

      Loved the Santa Claus comin' to town segment. Thought it was cheery, fun, and in the happy spirit of Christmas. (didn't look at that bald spot)

      Then I saw the next segment -- Lost Dog. (I'm sure hoping this was a fantasy, or I'm sure glad that he was found in time for Christmas! ) Loved it - touching, shows real spirit of Christmas.

      Then the next segment -- disturbing, frightening, attention-grabbing. I hope those kids never have to do more than 'play' with those big guns... Reminder of what Christmas is TRULY about...

      Little Drummer boy -- bet you had as much fun as your son and his friends with this -- based on the out-takes.

      out-takes -- funny as expected. Hope Haley gets over that bit about expecting a personal trainer, "just like J-Lo has" -- hate to see a good dog go bad. Your son and his friends really got to enjoy themselves with that snowball fight -- that was wonderful to watch -- kids getting to be kids, playing with soft snowballs. Hope for a Christmas without tears or fears -- for all the Christmases to come -- everywhere.

      Thank you so much for sharing your work -- it is an inspiration, and it is lots of fun!


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        Hey Jeanie and CJ,

        Thanks for taking the time to download and watch "Christmas Song Stories", I'm glad you enjoyed it.

        My son's friends all have had a great time helping me on these movies. In fact, without them, there really wouldn't be any. I put together, for their families, a nice box set with cover art of the two movies they have helped me with, and let them surprise their parents and grandparents with copies for Christmas. I think they will enjoy it this year, but hopefully in years to come.

        CJ, I appreciate the nice review, The lost dog segment was inspired from a book my son and I read from his school. Luckily our 12 yr. old Golden Retriever, Haley, doesn't wander very far any more. She is starting to have trouble with her hips. But Haley was a real trooper in the filming of this segment.

        The "Happy Christmas(War is Over)" segment presented me with a unique challenge in somehow finding a way to put together a Christmas story, but at the same time, do justice to the other message this famous John Lennon song portrays. The Harlem Community Childrens Choir chorus that sings the words... war is over, if you want it, thoughout the song. I choose to use a few stills pictures I have from one of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to. It is called Cantigny Park. The grounds at this park is nothing short of breathtaking. They have a wonderful war museum, numerous tanks and other war equipment that is placed outside the museum and children can play on all of the equipment. Unbelievable rose gardens and other gardens and forestry make up this park.

        The message I wanted to get across is a very simple one, peace is so much better than war. When you see beautiful children having fun playing on these tanks and equipment in the still images at the end of this story, it makes me hope that they never have to see the tragic consequences of war.

        The final story, "Little Drummer Boy" was great fun to make and the outakes from this segment are a fun to watch. The buildup to the finale was one of the most challenging manipulations I have ever done.

        I hope a few more of you, will have the opportunity to watch the movie and let me know what you think.

        Thank you both, and again, Have a Happy New Year !



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