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  • shadow removal

    Hi All,

    had a quick look around but can not find a solution to my problem, forgive the jumping straight in with a question.
    Last Saturday night we held a charity night to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause, it was decided to offer something a little different and take shots of those attending, being the computer user in the group it fell to me to print/burn the images onto disk to sell to increase funds, the photographer gave me his card at the end of the night, I today loaded them into lightroom to begin sorting and found to my horror the really distracting shadow and the window coming through the background, is there a way to remove the shadow and improve the window in fairly easy steps, got about 80 images to correct

    sorry for the long post

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    Re: shadow removal

    glynogwen, Welcome to RetouchPRO
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.
    Poke around, have fun!

    An example of your concerns would help a lot in getting a propper solution.

    If you use Photoshop you can post fairly large pictures which are under 100k using the 'save for web' function in Photoshop as described here:
    Size, Quality and/or Format your Attached Images.. (Click here)

    How to attach Files/Images to your Posts or Threads:
    (Click here)

    If you want to post a larger resolution that is over 100K then you can host your image elsewhere and attach a link in the thread, but also please attach an under 100K version (so the thread remains useful in the future, regardless of external links).
    Other Hosts if you do not have your own site: (3Meg max, free) (2Meg max, free) (1 Meg max free, 5 Meg PRO) (100 Meg per file, free) post a link in the thread to the site that is hosting the larger image. (link to the highest resolution.. or the largest size you can upload)


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      Re: shadow removal

      sorry should i posted a sample of the problem.
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        Re: shadow removal

        WOW! Kieth, the easiest way I found was.. Enlarge and use a Soft Aligned Clone Tool a hair larger than the shadow, sampled just outside of shadow (Maybe five brush sizes away)

        For the window the Patch tool seemed to work pretty good

        Get rid of the Magenta Cast with a Hue/Saturation Layer (Magenta selected in the box)

        Good Luck on Fixing all 80... Keep in mind it is all for Charity... So give them the best you can!!

        Added: I think I would also offer a cropped version

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          Re: shadow removal

          Another way is by selecting the shadow and nudging.

          Regards Patsym
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            Re: shadow removal

            Thanks for both the solutions, I will get going on them today and post a couple as I sort them.



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