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Putting a new face under a veil

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  • Putting a new face under a veil

    I would like to know how in photoshop cs6 you would put a new face under a picture that has a veil over the face. How do I go under the veil to put a new face in it. Example a bride face under the veil, but I want to put mine there to see how I look with that veil. thank you I hope I explained it right.
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    Re: Putting a new face under a veil

    There really is no way to mask out a veil on an existing face.
    What I would do is drop on your new face over the one you want to replace then get a shot of just a veil, mask it out and place it over the new face. align it properly then lower the opacity down to taste (maybe play with the blend modes of the new layer...exclusion or difference).
    You might have to go in and create some highlights and shadows to add some dimension.


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      Re: Putting a new face under a veil

      thank you I will try it. but I' am not to experience with photoshop cs6, how actually do you mask a image. what are the steps, I would really appreciate the help. thank you for your time


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        Re: Putting a new face under a veil

        If you want that specific veil and don't have a photo of it by itself you may be able to use the magic eraser to take out the colors that make up the face and leave the veil (long shot though)
        You're taking on a fairly advanced challenge and will need to learn about layers and layer masks. There are some tutorials on youtube and other places that can help.


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          Re: Putting a new face under a veil

          I put the picture of me on the picture of the bride and then reduce the opacity, and then blended the faces together, trying to leave as much veil as possible. I attached the pictures to the original post, That is what I am trying to do, there are so many great pictures of hats with veils that I would like to see what another face would look like with that veil. please let me know what you think thanks for your support I don't how to get the front of the face with the veil still remaining on it.


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            Re: Putting a new face under a veil

            Your only hope here might be a channel mask to isolate the veil and mask out the face. You can search here or on Google to learn how to use channel masks. With skin like this the blue channel is probably your best bet.

            Like Denny said, this is a pretty advanced problem to solve and may not have a very neat solution.


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              Re: Putting a new face under a veil

              To give yourself a chance, first try and get your face correctly proportioned. Then make sure the lighting is more or less directionally matching the original. Wipe your face with 30% white colour (try different percentages) to bring it in line with the original face. Keep a layer of your face in position (no white) in case you want to restore details later. Add white veil dots to another layer so that you have a 3 aligned layers. The rest is the artistic bit of getting the right blend between those 3 elements. Use the existing hair shape to constrain your retouching. Note also the yellowness of the skin tones - stay away from pink/red flesh!


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                Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                thank you for all your help, I not that gifted with photoshop I will try , I just wanted to know if that was possible to put another face under a veil. I thought you could blend rhe layers. thanks again


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                  Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                  Try selecting the veil, with a white background, and adding it to the new face with multiply blend mode.


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                    Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                    It turns out this particular veil pattern can be isolated using the high-pass filter and levels control. Those who know Photoshop well will understand what I'm saying. If you don't, it's a lot of words to describe so I'm going to leave that detail up to the reader. :-)

                    Step 1 copy the original into a new layer and isolate the veil. Apply high pass filter until the dots seem maximally accentuated. Then do a levels and you'll end up with the white dots plus a little bit of the face. I use the clone to get rid of the traces of the face and also add in a bit of the veil's fold and any other fixing-up of the veil.

                    Step 2 put all that aside (turn off that layer). Now put the new face on top of the original image (another layer).

                    Step 3 using the screen function, put the isolated veil over the new face (use the layer clipping so the new veil is *only* on the face you added--no where else. I added some blur and levels to the veil to adjust it to look just like the original.

                    Step 4 need to put that sheer fabric back over the new face. Lots of easy ways to add a sheer white "fog"--I just used a levels layer.

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                      Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                      Bart, the steps you used are clear, concise, and easy to follow. They are nicely simplified and easily accomplished. If I may make a suggestion, expand the tutorial a bit and add it to the tutorial section here at RTP. It will be a strong addition to the collection.



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                        Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                        Thank you Bart, for all your time in explaining this to me.


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                          Re: Putting a new face under a veil

                          Thanks Janet. If I get a chance, I'll do that.


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