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How to get this style?

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  • How to get this style?


    I have a question. Can somebody tell me it was done in post or it's from camera?

    I am asking especially about full color images. I tried in lightroom but I cannot get this look
    thanks in advance for every help
    best from Poland

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    Re: How to get this style?

    Looks like he's using some sort of PS plugin. Try VSCO or Alienskin. Both will have presets and help you get very close to that look. Add vignette. Shallow DOF with what looks like a 85mm and a 70-200mm.


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      Re: How to get this style?

      It's a combination. It would be a headache to do everything in post. The above suggestions are good. I was going to say vignette too, as it's on all of them. Many are processed slightly warm. Near neutral things have been desaturated though. The others may be selective color to get the high saturation in specific objects. I say processed warm due to skintones and yellow foilage. Black and whites don't look 100% neutral greyscale, which is typical. Just measure the values to get an idea of balance. Some of the colors remind me of someone trying to achieve the look of Kodak Portra negative film. A lot of wedding photographers used that in medium format prior to digital becoming fully viable.


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