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Problem with skin colour in Akvis coloriage

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  • Problem with skin colour in Akvis coloriage

    Hello ,

    I've just installed "Akvis coloriage" : Great programme for sure , but there is a BUG when i want to use the colout palette for skin , it doesn't correspond :
    brown becomes pink on the picture or even blue , green , I often get a sort of brilliant pinkish even if i ask for dark brown - I only have the bug with the skin -
    cloud , sky , texture , hair are perfect - very strange indeed -
    Anyone has a solution ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Problem with skin colour in Akvis coloriage

    Hi! May be your image has some tint? Can you upload it here? They write: "The resulting color of the colorized object depends on the brightness of the original color."
    Also, I find very helpful the feature of showing the real colors (as they will be applied to the image). Use the "eye" icon in the top panel. It lets you see how the strokes will look on the resulting image.


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