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  • Low light recoverey

    Hi All,

    Me again. I set the D100 up to take some pictures of me riding with a friend behind the lens. It was a Tokina 28-80 F2.8 Lens, ISO set to 1250 and shutter speed at 125.

    Well one thing I got wrong was the shutter speed - a little blur and a lot of noise because of the high ISO. Also we have VERY orange lights in our arena.

    Fortunately I think I managed to recover it, have a look at the before and after and let me know what you think.




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    Great job on the recovery. The only thing I may be tempted to do is make a selection of the top 1/3rd of the image (where the blue light is strongest) and make another selective colour change, trying to knock some of the blue out of the image.

    Still, I did'nt think the re-emergence of the focus would be so dramatic, good work.


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      Thanks for the tip - I just tried that now and it looked quite nice - just did an auto-color on it and it did quite a good job.

      Again - tutorials... one day I will get some done.



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        Peter, if you are new to colour evaluation - perhaps try my humble article:

        before moving onto the masterwork by Dan Margulis:

        Color by the numbers article by Dan Margulis

        If your eyes or monitor or viewing conditions do not show a colour caste - the files numbers will.

        Stephen Marsh.


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          Nicely done.


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