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Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

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  • Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

    I have a .jpg she took with her phone and the card corrupted, I was able to recover all the files from the card before it died completely but the one picture she wanted most was damaged. I can see the correct image in the thumbnail view on large or medium but the picture is toast.

    I uploaded it to PhotoBucket.

    The small image is a screen shot of the thumbnail.
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    Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

    I loaded the trial of Photoshop CC and it warns it may be truncated or damaged but opens it with the same messed up look, I found some suggestions of opening it with irfanview and then saving as and renaming hoping it would repair it with no luck. I am very rusty on what I know of PhotoShop which is many years outdated. Any tips or ideas I am open too. Thanks!! I'm trying to learn and very grateful for any help.


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      Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.


      Photoshop isn't going to help you with this problem. You may be able to recover the photo using card recovery software. There are many freeware and trial versions of such programs on the web. The last corrupt (SD) card I had also showed the thumbnails but the photos were gone. I tried about 6 different programs (I was really motivated!) and finally found one that enabled me to retrieve all the photos. Unfortunately it was a couple of years ago and I can't remember which one it was.



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        Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

        This is all that I can get from what you posted.
        Hope it helps!
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          Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

          Well so much of the highlights are blown out that its difficult to fix. Here is my attempt
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            Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.


            I used the screen shot thumbnail to fill in the missing part of the picture.
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              Re: Trying to help a friend and I'm stuck.

              Thanks for the efforts. You are all awesome.


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