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orange makeup spots on face

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  • orange makeup spots on face

    Ok guys, full disclosure I just signed up right now in order to make this exact post... but I promise I will be learning and participating in the forum as time goes on!

    I'm having a problem with a retouch here with the face. There are makeup streaks across her face which are causing orange highlights. It's most noticeable between the bridge of her nose. I'm not sure the best way to go about getting rid of these orange splotches.... and in fact I can't find any way to do it at all without making it look unnatural. Any help will leave me feeling very thankful!!!!



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    Re: orange makeup spots on face

    You could use HSL
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      Re: orange makeup spots on face

      This worked extremely well. Thanks so much.


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        Re: orange makeup spots on face

        Another way is to place a blank layer above the background layer and use color for the blending mode. Select the proper color and than with the brush, paint the proper color in.


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