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Wave over a person

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  • Mike Needham
    Re: Wave over a person

    I'm no photographer and only will be guessing but....

    Lock off the camera and take shot of the tide, wait for tide to go out and lie down (approach from waves, footprints!) or other side and Photoshop . Take as many shots of the tide (insert correct term for it here) as needed and get back to the studio.

    I would then guess a pretty neat masking job for the sea and some liquify/warp to transform it. Shadows added and or enhanced by d&b and or a drop shadow on the sea mask layer.

    Of course I am guessing and I would be interested to hear how others with more technical know how would approach it.

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  • rosierosierosie
    started a topic Wave over a person

    Wave over a person

    Hi I would like to know how you achieve this effect, its a picture of a wave of a person laying down on a beach. thank you
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