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need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

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  • need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

    Just as the title says, how do i retouch a shirt with wrinkles but more specifically one with patterns on it. Does anyone have any good tips on this? Preferably something that can not take up so much time, if possible. ive attached an image to demonstrate an example of what i mean.
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    Re: need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

    Well, that would ruin my day! I usually make up a 'clean' patch of material from the scraps available and then distort and merge them in to the surrounding areas. This transition from the new retouched area to the existing 'good' bits are the key to a good result. You have to contend with weave texture, seams, button holes and subtle tonal changes which just eat up the hours. I don't know any quick fixes that give commercially acceptable results.


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      Re: need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

      yes i fear that much as well. I was just trying to see if there was a short cut of some kind. Maybe something that someone knows as im still new at retouching on the commercial level. Thanks for the reply though much appreciated.


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        Re: need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

        I would agree with Repairman on this. Find a clean patch and then warp and distort. I've been working on these fixes for a few years and have yet on come across a shortcut.


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          Re: need tips on wrinkled shirts w/ patterns

          thanks, i was working on duplicating clean patches and then making one clean version of it which i could then loop but as i did that, i realized this is taking just as long as the other one...very challenging indeed.


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