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Help!how to make the photos like this?

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  • Help!how to make the photos like this?

    Help! how to make the photos like this? please help
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    Re: Help!how to make the photos like this?

    Correct lighting, composition, correct exposure and visualisation of the finished image before pressing the shutter button will leave very little to do in post!


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      Re: Help!how to make the photos like this?

      if using photoshop?


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        Re: Help!how to make the photos like this?

        You really must get this right in camera. It is possible that some work (minimal) has been done to the original data to fine tune the image, but the bottom line is without correct lighting and proper exposure at the time of capture you will not accomplish this i.e. it is not a Photoshop special magic effect.


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          Re: Help!how to make the photos like this?

          I agree with Tony. The lighting is supreme in a shot like this. It wouldn't be impossible in PS, but EXTREMELY time consuming and unnecessarily difficult.


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            Re: Help!how to make the photos like this?

            thank you all of u


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