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how do i achieve this in photoshop

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  • how do i achieve this in photoshop

    i want to put a face under a mask there is a website called photofacer in which you can put a face under the hair in the picture I want to be able to put the face under the veil Ihave attached a picture they have on their website does anyone know how to do this in photoshop cs6 thankyoi
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    Re: how do i achieve this in photoshop

    I dunno if I understood correctly, but presuming yes: its pretty simple. Simply select (with lasso tool, magnetic lasso tool, or whatever) the face you want to put in the mask. Then, copy and paste into the document that has the body. Once you have done this, create a layer mask on the new layer (face layer) and paint with black brush the limits of the face that you don't want to appear in the final image. This includes the visible neting / veil. You can use transform tool to reach same size of the image. Merge the visible layers and save it.


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      Re: how do i achieve this in photoshop

      thank you so much