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Skin Tone Correction in Lr

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  • Skin Tone Correction in Lr

    Hello Everyone,

    I am reworking a few old files and found this one I 'threw away' at the time of processing. I shot it with two CTB filtered flashes to the rear and what I thought was a CTO to the front. This turned out to be a crappy yellow filter so I ended up with a yellow colour cast on the skin.

    I use Lr 98% of the time so can this be corrected in Lr or does it need Ps?

    I have attached the start file and then one I improved using yellow and orange saturation and luminance adjustments. I know the resulting skin tone is terrible from these global changes so if anyone can offer advice on how I can fix this, either in Lr or PS, I would be super-grateful to you

    Thanks for reading and happy processing,

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    Re: Skin Tone Correction in Lr

    Here's a video on correcting skin tones without having to resort to CMYK which isn't possible nor necessary in Lightroom. Covers Lightroom:

    Low Rez (YouTube)

    High Rez

    This may help too:


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