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Manipulation critique, please

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  • Manipulation critique, please

    This is my final attempt. [Yes, Danny you heard me, final. No more tries.] I posted this in a different forum paid attention to the addice and critiques. A lot had to do with shadow and lighting, believe it or not! And some say you must get beat over the head to 'learn', hmmmm.

    This was fun, and a challenge to say the least, and your creations were awesome and inspiring. Of course for most of you this will be the first attemp you see. But I truly, am done with it, and will be moving on to greener pastures.

    You guys and gals are really great! What a breath of freshair! There is so much bad advice and negativism out there. Your spirits and attitudes are wonderful.

    I eliminated three children, in this one. The boy was not paying attention to the children either, I am just prentending that he is sneaking up from behind, and I have seen that tactic fail a million times! My kids can attest to that! He is big and he is fast! Oh my, I apologize for going on about our pet, he is just sooo unique to our family!

    Thanks again for being super forum people.

    Take care,
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    hello niteowl, your picture is nice! but the dogs legs look too thin.