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    I'm trying to create a picture where a car fly out through a paper. Where the rips are shown like it's flying out at you. Like when they a football players run out through those paper banner. Where the tears and rips are shown. Thank you.

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    I'm currently searching the web to see if I can find a tutorial for you. But in the mean time, here is an image I did a few years back (when I just started playing with PhotoShop). The best I can remember here are the basic steps I used:

    1. Created a black gradient layer for the background. This is what will show through the punched paper. You could use any background scene that you want to show through.

    2. Placed poster image on one layer. Placed plane image on another layer.

    3. Created a new layer and drew some torn paper edges by hand (there are several tuts on creating torn paper images on the web now) using my plane image as a guide. Added effects such a drop shadow to add depth to the paper edges.

    4. Warped the poster image using the distort-pinch filter (Adobe PhotoShop). Adjust the slider to the left to give the poster the effect like the plane is punching through it.

    5. Added the engine glow and a drop shadow to the plane image.

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      If I were you, I'd get a large piece of paper/cardboard and just DO it.. punch a hole in it, tear it to get the effect you want. Then either take a good picture of it and scan it and work from this scan, or use it as a guide for creating it all in PS.

      Don't make things more complicated than they are.. you could spend a couple of days trying to create this effect in PS and only get half the result you hoped for. My golden rule for image compostions: If you don't have to fake it, don't... Use the real stuff and it will look real


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