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  • need a fish

    I am trying to draw an outline of a fish, head to the left, and tail created by simply crossing the lines at the other end, and extending short distance. What tool would be the best for this, assuming the need for smooth curving that varies when necessary. I am using Paint Shop Pro, v7. Would I do best to throw up a grid and make it a series of short straight lines? Don't want the shape to look jagged, though. Ideas?
    Might I find this very shape somewhere online, as a bmp, or png file?

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    Re: need a fish

    Like the Christian fish symbol? I'd try Illustrator or whatever vector art app you have available (CorelDraw, etc.).
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      Re: need a fish

      This may be of some help for you:


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        Re: need a fish

        I think that PSP has a Pen tool and is able to draw Bezier curves. If this is the case then it may be the best way to get smooth curves. There may even be ways to trace an eixisting image using the pen tool on a seperate layer


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