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Changing the color mood of an image

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  • Repairman
    Re: Changing the color mood of an image

    Good luck with this one! If there is enough detail I would use Shadow/Highlights to lighten and expose all the detail in the dress. I'd work temporarily in CMYK and use the channels to create masks of the separations - these can be strengthened/reduced with curves. Make a mask of the dress and fill the shape with solid white. Yes, it does look odd. Use the individual CMYK masks to add back the missing shapes/curves/volume of the dress with a combination of solid paint (black and maybe blue for a crisp white) and dark/light curves. This depends on how well defined the individual colour separation masks perform; could be that curves are sufficient. You won't achieve the result in one hit and will need a handful of different blends and opacities but I've used this technique plenty of times (but not from such a dense black origin) and as usual, it's case dependent

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  • guysucces
    started a topic Changing the color mood of an image

    Changing the color mood of an image

    Hello guys,

    I am currently working on this image where the model has a black outfit. What do you think would be the best way to change to the color of the belt around the neck and the dress to white ( as in the image below), while retaining the texture (of course).

    I was thinking a color overlay or duplicating the dress, swap the color, and lower the opacity and play with the blending mode. The results are not quite what I am looking for.

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