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A question about the Magnetic Lasso Tool

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  • A question about the Magnetic Lasso Tool

    When I'm trying to cut something out using the Magnitic Lasso tool, I zoom in on the photo and follow the edge but I get to the point where I need to scroll the photo along. The only way I can do this now is to put the lasso tool past the edge of the photo but I loose all control of the tool.
    Is there any way to scroll the photo along while using the lasso tool??

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    If you press the space bar, the pointer turns into a hand, and you can move the picture up/down- side to side. When you let go of the space bar, pointer returnes, and you can continue with your selection. You don't have to hold the mouse button down while you're moving the pic.



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      Geez! I didn't know that. Thanks, Larry. I've been banging my head against the wall all this time???? And there's a simple solution??? Ain't Photoshop grand? Learn something new every day.


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        Hi Tim,

        Yeah, that's why this forum and others like it are so great.



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          / Action

          Fits image in window
          Double-click , or Ctrl + Ø (zero)

          100% magnification
          Double-click , or Alt + Ctrl + Ø (zero)

          Zooms in or out
          Ctrl + or

          Ctrl + spacebar, or Alt + spacebar

          Applies zoom percentage, and keeps zoom percentage box active*
          + Enter in Navigator palette

          Zooms in on specified area of an image*
          Ctrl + drag over preview in Navigator palette

          Scrolls image with hand tool*
          Spacebar + drag, or drag view area box in Navigator palette

          Scrolls up or down 1 screen
          Page Up or Page Down†

          Scrolls up or down 10 units
          + Page Up or Page Down†

          Moves view to upper left corner or lower right corner
          Home or End

          Toggles layer mask on/off as rubylith*