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    I'm sorry I haven't participated much recently. We've been very, very busy.

    I was given a couple B&W prints with a patterened bumpy texture to scan. Mind you, it is not moire. It actually something in the print that is raised. These kind of photo papers seemed commonplace through the 1970's.

    I have uploaded a swatch and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to eliminate these dots after scanning.

    I tried Dust & Scratches and had decent results. Some detail in the edges were lost, however. I'm not satisfied that that's all I can do.

    Any suggestions?

    Eric at Photo Grafix

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    I thought I uploaded the image. Sorry!

    Try this link


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      textured print

      Eric, have you tried using a digital camera or else try going with a copy neg. While it is another generation many times it eliminates the texture. Must use polarized lights though.



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        The plugin Grain Surgery might work for you, Doug wrote a review about it here

        - David


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          Yep I go with Bob on this.
          You'll find the scanner will pick up the screening of the
          original printed image.
          You can if you have a descreening setting on the scanner
          reduce the pattern a little, but a lot of detail will be lost.
          Best to take a digital pic of the image using diffused / polarized


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            Hi Eric...would this happen to be Eric from the lyris photoshop list? <g>

            Try this thread:

            Stephen Marsh.


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              Greetings to one and all:

              Thanks Stephen and EVERYONE on the list for help. Yes, it's me, Stephen. Good to see you on this forum.

              The Microtek 8700 descreening filters work perfect for everything but these "dimples." I just tried "Grain Surgury" and it performed well in the highlight areas--not as well in the shadow and midtones.

              I plan on bring these prints to one of the photographers I work with to make a medium format chrome and scan it. Meanwhile, I'll peruse the "dedimplifying" thread Stephen mentioned.



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                Bumpy texture gratitude

                Greetings to all:

                Thank you very much for the advice. I employed a combination of most of the suggestions and solved most of the horrible bumpies. I especially thank Stephen for pointing me to the older thread. That really hit the spot.

                I also wanted to say that I just ordered a retouchpro sweatshirt. As a business person trying to give my customers and allies the best service, I felt quite ashamed receiving all this help in making money and not giving back.

                Again, please pardon my lack of participation and excess in asking for help. It's the least I could do. I also encourage others to check out the premiums that financially support this site. They are really quite nice!



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