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need help with 1st composting

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  • need help with 1st composting

    Hope I'm in the right forum. I'm not going to tell you what I did to this picture but I'm sure you will see it. Please help me with the obvious. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: need help with 1st composting

    You have a lot of very obvious problems with this. First of all the general color and range don't match. There's nothing to suggest a similar light source was present in each shot. Scale is off. Background is too sharp. Background is too high in contrast and saturation relative to the people in the foreground. Their outline is too sharp, both relative to the background and the other people in the shot. I don't think they're way over-exposed, but it looks like you tried to use a lighting effects filter on them. The whites are totally blown. Overall the only thing you might salvage from this is the initial outline, but you would need to get the sharpness right.


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      Re: need help with 1st composting

      Look how close the man is to the boy; given that the bride is holding a bunch of flowers I don't think she would physically fit (depth wise) in to that space. However if you get the shadows right you may get away with it. The cut outs could be softer and you need to add shadow, cast by the boys, on to the dress.


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        Re: need help with 1st composting

        Thanks for replies. Here's what I started with. Actually, it appears to me that the bride's picture had more light. So, I tried to tone it down and she is more dark skinned than the others. I don't recall that I did anything to the contrast in the background. Then she didn't have her feet showing so I cropped the boys. Do you think it is at all possible to add the bride? Somehow the photographer never got a shot of the bride and groom with their boys. These two were the only ones taken in the approximate some locale, same time.
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