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Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

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  • Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a portrait which will be printed A3.

    As you can see in the image attached, the netting of the wig is very visible and the hairline looks really fake.

    What are your suggestions for removing the netting and evening out the hair parting?

    Many thanks!
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    Re: Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

    Clone some of the hair into the area where the netting shows in the part and also burn that area to make it darker.


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      Re: Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

      Case in point.... a quick clone and's not perfect but better.
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        Re: Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

        You'll end up doing something similar to Wolfman's suggestion, but I strongly suggest you gather reference images. They'll help you make a realistic judgement if something doesn't feel quite right.


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          Re: Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

          I agree suggestion was only to fix the netting problem....certainly it could be made to look more realistic than what I produced....just a starting point.


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            Re: Removing wig net/ realistic hairline

            Originally posted by Wolfman View Post
            ....just a starting point.
            When I said you'll do something similar, I meant that it might vary slightly in strategy. I was mainly adding on to what you said to include the need for reference. Otherwise depending on the experience of the person asking, they may just try to mimic and wonder what's off.


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