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Client wants me to mimic this photo

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  • Client wants me to mimic this photo


    I got a potential new client that wants their photos to resemble something like this:

    It's the tone and the style in this photo that they want. The photos I'm gonna work with are photos of an old mansion from the 40's. Great quality, taken by professional photographers with an EOS 1Ds mk III or similar camera with L-optics.

    Any idea on where to begin? The example photo is pretty heavily retouched, but any idea on how to mimic the style and tone?

    I am guessing quite a lot D&B on the dress and skin of the girl. But the blue and brown tone in the dress and the walls, any ideas here? I have tried a few vintage actions but that did not quite do it.

    I am guessing they want that "crisp and clean" look.

    All ideas are welcome!

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    Re: Client wants me to mimic this photo

    The image is very High Quality Retouching.

    If you have the Main Image for that final output, you can Easily Decide where they Focus.

    But Very pleased to see that types of Professional Photo Retouching


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      Re: Client wants me to mimic this photo

      I found the photographer and the retouching agency who produced this image. It's super high end, probably real expensive too. The client was Speake Marin watches, products that cost like $8,000.

      I also read that the photos in that series were composites with lighting, environments and other elements created with CGI. So it's pretty much as high end as it gets.

      My client is probably not aware of that so I tried to explain it to them. If they want that kind images they better be ready to pay for it, which I'm doubting they are.

      I made a couple of versions of four test images I got from them. Not even close to the example image but sometimes the client do not really know what he/she wants. And they don't have the budget that it takes to produce the images they want anyway.

      We'll see what happens!