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  • Blue stains

    Could someone please give me a workflow for removing all the blue stains from this photo, besides manually retouching each and every one? I messed around with the channels a bit, but didn't get anywhere! I don't need it restored, just some advice as to how to proceed..

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: Blue stains

    Not sure if you are asking how to just fix the color of the stains or fix the color and the tone.....I changed the color only to match the surrounding color but I did ech one manually by making a duplicate layer in color mode and using the brush tool I sampled whatever color was surrounding the blue and painted over it....I did nothing else to the image.

    I may have misunderstood what you are asking.
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      Re: Blue stains

      Thank you Wolfman! I appreciate you taking some time to look at this project. I guess my question is if there is a way to do the repairs of the blue stains en masse, like using channels, etc. instead of one-by-one? Again, thanks for your input....quite a mess, isn't it???


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        Re: Blue stains

        Actually it is a mess but if you look at your original and go into hue & saturation and pick magenta and slide the saturation slider to +100% you will see that it isn't blue that is the problem but magenta so if you are looking for a one stop, easy solution you can desaturate the magenta to -100% but there is a lot more to deal with...good luck and have patience.


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          Re: Blue stains

          Wow you are absolutely right, it is the magenta! THANK YOU.....and I will try to be patient as I work on this one, very good reminder! Thx again


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