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    I do a lot of studio desktop stuff against a black background...simply because they have a very dramatic appearance when displayed on the net. I have not printed any of them and I have this concern that they might resemble the old, IMHO, tacky look associated with velvet prints from years past.

    My current fad is working with smoke shot against that same black background then manipulating the trails into something interesting. Again the blue smoke on the black/dark background looks dramatic displayed here but, whether it would sell at the local Art Shows is something else entirely.

    I ask of you all...which is more saleable...dark or pastel?

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    Re: Background Colors

    I'm not a huge fan of this piece, so take my words with some amount of skepticism. The feeling of floating objects is more noticeable in the lighter one, because the background itself is brighter than the subjects with no distinguishing feature to ground them. I'm also just not a fan of the color palette there. Something slightly different with the background and a heated copper feel to the subjects, making them feel more like wireframe maquettes may have been more in line with my tastes.


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      Re: Background Colors

      If it were me, either is OK But, I'd, for example, cut-out the objects in blue (including the semi-transparent effect in the objects making them bluish) and paste the now bluish objects onto the yellowish background.
      Why? Although it loses some of the transparency effects, there would be a better complete object shape in contrast with the background.
      To me, the current objects blend into the background rather than being defined/separated from the background.
      There are other ways to do a similar thing yet keep the transparency effects, if that is desired.


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        Re: Background Colors

        I looked are more images....while most look best on a black background (I do similar for fractal images) is too hard to get really good prints (just excellent for screen viewing).
        So if printing, use white background but enliven the colors/contrast so image does not blend into Bkgd too much.


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          Re: Background Colors

          Gotta be upfront here Doug...I had no clue what 'fractal imaging' consisted of until Google helped out.
          It does indeed, for the most, utilize dark backgrounds so, my question is...does it sell?


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            Re: Background Colors

            (different Doug here)

            I was fascinated by fractal art creation, that's one of the reasons I created the Synthetic Imaging forum. But few people know it's there.

            I'd also like to know if it sells.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Re: Background Colors

              Though I am not so much expert on this but can say from an audience point of view that the dark one looking more exciting.


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                Re: Background Colors

                can say from an audience point of view that the dark one looking more exciting
                Of that, when published on the web, there is not doubt but...would you want that dark background hanging in your living room.


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                  Re: Background Colors

                  Crazy idea: Black background with glow in the dark ink!


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                    Re: Background Colors

                    Yeah, sure...that would look right at home at Graceland!


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                      Re: Background Colors

                      Originally posted by wmchauncey View Post
                      Of that, when published on the web, there is not doubt but...would you want that dark background hanging in your living room.
                      I dont think its a bad idea to hang them in my living room also!


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