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  • what is wrong with this image

    Hello folks at retouch pro
    Here are two images shot in studio. If you notice to the left in their hair the pixels don’t look clear its looking dirty. You can see the similar dirty looks in other shadow areas like neck. When I process the image increasing the exposure slider in camera raw the dirty area don’t improve rather it get s muddy look.
    What may be the reason and how to recover the bad pixels.

    This image is shot with 600D EF-S 17-55 f3.5-5.6 in Studio .
    ISO 200 f5.6 and 1/160 the of second

    the soft box are small around 60 cm. one is reflected from the wall.
    I guess if you keep the light close to the subject chances are there you cant illuminate the face evenly and the difference between light and shadow is abrupt and deep. You cant recover the shadow area as the there is no gradual blending of shadow and highlight.

    My idea was to keep my softbox close to the subject to get soft light but I guess the fill light could have been increased or may be the dynamic range of crop sensor are not good to capture detail in critical exposure. My studio lighting are is 7x10 foot. I cant light from both side so I am reflecting one light for feel light.

    Please enlighten me. sorry for my grammar/ I have other images that is good but I want to show the image I could nt understand.
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    Re: what is wrong with this image

    The first thing that jumps out at me is the highlights are a little blown out. When you are in camera raw try sliding the highlight slider to the left and also the white slider to tone down the highlights and then the edges of the hair should show more detail. Also slightly give contrast a slight negative will have to play with the amounts until you get what you are looking for. That's a good starting point. There is more to do.


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      Re: what is wrong with this image

      thank you senior member for you comment. i know the post processing and you are right about that.

      but please let me know where i went wrong. why did this happened. is this the lighting that i need to be careful.


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        Re: what is wrong with this image

        On the 2nd shot with her hand under her chin a reflector under her face would have bounced some fill onto her face from the overhead main light and made the image less harsh.

        I don't know if you lit the background but it is too bright...maybe a soft gray would have been better.


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          Re: what is wrong with this image

          I'm not sure what you mean by dirty. If it's that the shadows are dense and lack detail, that's a lighting issue. You might also have some flare due to light reflected from the background. As a general rule, if you have to significantly increase the exposure slider for a specific area, it was a lighting problem. I would also avoid that hand position. It's closer to the camera and reflects a lot of light, yet it doesn't make the image more interesting.


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            Re: what is wrong with this image

            thank you wolfman for coming back again to help me. thank you Klev now i remember reflected light (flare can degrade image quality(detail) n in this situation i have not flagged the light. you are right about the hand position. i ll remember that. i m new to studio lighting


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              Re: what is wrong with this image

              Originally posted by retouch26 View Post
              i m new to studio lighting
              It's okay. It's tough working in a small studio like that. Flare can quickly become a problem. My suggestions would be lens shade + flags + stop lens down maybe 2 stops below maximum aperture relative to the focal length you're using on that zoom lens. Lenses typically flare more at maximum aperture. The shade and flags will help quite a bit too. You could also get away with a reflector to deal with fill rather than another light if shadows are too harsh for your taste. Just don't shoot something that generates deep shadows then try to bring them up in post work. It never works well.


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                Re: what is wrong with this image

                thank you Klev for the guidance. as i said there is not enough space to place two light in my lighting area. so i used to reflect one light from the wall as fill and the other one as my key light to light the subject. keeping light close to subject illuminate the face unevenly. rule of thumb is to keep the softbox double distance than what its dimension. i am doing that but still i find the face is not illuminating evenly.i will follow your suggestion about using a lens hood, using two stop down relative to the focal length.keeping a flag between the subject and camera is little difficult but i will try to get a small flag. thanks for the help.


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