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  • Help With Beach/Retouch

    I'm trying to restore this beach to look pristine. I've been trying to remove footprints etc off the beach. I've tried dodging/burning clonestamping etc etc. Can anyone help or offer advice on this. You can view the full sized photos here.

    I'm willing to pay for real help too. So feel free to email me if you want to work on this project for me too.
    [email protected]
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    Re: Help With Beach/Retouch

    You listed off a set of tools rather than a strategy, and that is a significant part of your problem. I get that the footprints are ugly. Gather examples that are similar to your idea of a "pristine" beach, including at least some that are shot under similar lighting. Gather as many as you can, choosing the top 10 or so that fit best.

    Now look at the reference images and try to imagine whether you could in fact achieve something similar. If it's not feasible from this image, you have other options. You could try to find a cleaner patch of sand and comp that in, matching all necessary details. You could give up. You could think about what would constitute an acceptable solution given your starting image.

    It should be possible to get a cleaner look than what you have right now, but it would take a lot of work. Just do yourself a favor and stop thinking of things in terms of clone, burn and dodge, etc. That's too granular of a thought process. There isn't a software solution on the market today that will allow you to avoid putting any thought into this.


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      Re: Help With Beach/Retouch

      I saw the retouched picture and the smooth long spit of sand looks retouched. Looks plastic. It's the only thing in the image that contains that much unbroken tone.

      The original sand appears to be littered with the tracks of birds and other small creatures who might be feasting at low tide. The tidal action would remove the tracks but probably add rivulets from the action of the water. If you can emulate that, your tracks would disappear. That's lot of work. The image seems to be natural as is.

      Your new crop is way more dramatic now. just my feelings, YMMV