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Fashion color how to ?

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  • klev
    Re: Fashion color how to ?

    I've answered similar things before. The tldr version is to set up the actual color palette this way, you will need masks. You may have some global adjustment layers. You will definitely have detailing and color correction specific to the eyes, skin, and background. Try to get the color correction for the outfit in your global adjustment layers if it isn't too reflective.

    From there you just have a lot of detailed work to get the nicely retouched eyes, cheekbones, etc without making her look weird and overdone. Most people overdo it. I think it's better to consider every adjustment you make and not zoom in too far. You can produce better work by maintaining perspective for the overall image.

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  • skoobey
    Re: Fashion color how to ?

    You need a lot of DNB to make this happen.

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  • Tulack
    Re: Fashion color how to ?

    Where is your image?

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  • Steven-Frebourg
    started a topic Fashion color how to ?

    Fashion color how to ?

    Hi guys,

    i'm wondering if any of you would know how to achieve this kind of color/tone

    i'm trying to find for the last 12 hours and this is driving me insane !

    thanks for taking time help me
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