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    Hi there guys, I'm kinda new to the forum and this is my first post here. I'd like to ask your help with this photo.

    As you can see, the hair of the model is very messy and I'd like to ask for a starting point fixing it.

    I tried different ways to reapair, but no acceptable result was reached.

    In my first attempt (result above) I used hair from another area to cover the messy part and in the second attempt, I draw 1px hairlines in different colors of the hair (really bad result).

    At last, i'd like to ask if there is a "not pain in the ass" way to remove this flying hairs out of her face, and, in a scale from 0 to 10, what is the difficulty level of those adjusts, fix and remove hair, (because its been really hard for me).

    Thanks to all!
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    Re: any start point

    It's somewhat difficult. It's more difficult if you don't spend some time thinking about it. The hairs going across the face cross a lot of underlying shapes, such as the bridge of the nose. I can tell you that on the top of the head, you need to put a lot more thought into your approach.

    To do something like that, I would clone the lower part to get rid of the small strands going across the hair. I would cut and paste portions of the hair to fill the upper part, but they have to be shaded. You have to evaluate your work as you go and adjust. If that is beyond your current skill level, save yourself some frustration. There's no 100% straightforward way to do this, because you have to deal with the hairstyle and existing lighting when you rebuild it.

    I should also mention that aside from being somewhat difficult, it's also very time consuming. Hair is incredibly tedious.


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      Re: any start point

      There is no easy remedy. You can't treat hair as a texture; each strand (which may only be a pixel or two thickness) will have both vertical and horizontal gradations of tone. Then a group of them will, in turn, also have variations. Same applies to the facial hair where you also have opacity issues and making good lost facial features to contend with. No substitute for hard hours on this one


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        Re: any start point

        You could submit your pic to the "challenges" section, you would get a lot of feedback.


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          Re: any start point

          Unfortunately, I believe there is no easy remedy to this as well. Hair can have some many different textures and tones in just one area. However, your first try on hair clean up was pretty good. For that area, I would suggest adding some brighter white strands from the top of her head, so the lighting in that area won't be lost.

          You can do this by simply selecting a 1px brush with 100 % opacity and 40 % flow white color selected and then just gradually painting strand by strand if you have a wacom tablet. Sometimes this can be a little time consuming depending on your tablet and speed of your computer.

          For the flyways in her face. I would recommend simply cloning (carefully) them away. This may be a little time consuming as well. I would suggest having your clone brush opacity somewhere between 50%-75% (you may be adjusting opacity alot as you go). On the difficulty scale, I would say around 5-6 range average. Some parts look as easy as 1.

          Also when retouching hair, it helps to start from one small area of the hair and work your way around one area at a time. Make sure you are zooming out a couple of times as well though to get an overall view of how your image is coming along.

          A little bit of a time consuming process indeed but after seeing your first attempt I believe you can do this well! Hope this helps! Best of luck!



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