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How come this photograph turns into this??

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  • How come this photograph turns into this??

    Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to figure out what auto processes are done to correct the image below. I am shooting raw and the files have been saved in both .jpeg and .dng format. I've spent like more than a month now trying to get the same result with the .dng to make it look like the .jped version of it.

    What I've tried are;

    -Camera Raw calibration panel to remove purple and green cast,
    -Camera Raw hue-sat panel to desature unwanted colors,
    -Photoshop selective color to desaturate unwanted colors like magenta in red and blue channels.

    I've failed it all.

    Here is a link the photographs which include both .jpeg and .dng;

    I intentionally took the photograph with the highest iso to get the most grain and color cast on it.

    The convertion of the .jpeg file from .dng takes less than a second inside the camera and it still does the best job out of it where I couldn't achive the same result over a month! I am jealous!


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    Re: How come this photograph turns into this??

    Does camera raw have any reduction specific to color noise? If so you'll want to use that. I don't remember because I haven't used it in a long time and haven't updated to CC from CS6 (no pressing need).

    Other than that in camera jpegs are produced by whatever algorithms the manufacturer has implemented. There are common aspects, but they don't have to be the same. The manufacturer also uses completely different hardware than your presumably X86-64 based machine, so processing time is likely to be a factor in determining hardware choices.

    You may end up with better results using the camera's processing choices when you capture an image under less than ideal conditions. You might also try the experiment in capture one if you're willing to budget for raw processing software. They always have a 30 day trial. You can also try some of the opensource raw processors such as darktable or raw therapee.


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      Re: How come this photograph turns into this??

      Use the camera manufacturer software to convert DNG to TIFF using the same settings as in a camera. I've tried it on Canon and it works very well. You can't make a global setting in LR or C1 for this because they use different algorithms (you can probably get close on individual images or similar images).


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        Re: How come this photograph turns into this??

        The image is from and LG camera phone therefore the processing to give you the JPEG is LG proprietary. The DNG being the raw is likely to be a highly specialised file format with embedded info only known to LG.

        AFAIK Adobe raw engine will need to have some form of profile for the image and again AFAIK they are not produced for camera phones (unless CC has them or LR mobile).

        So it is unlikely that you will get anything worthwhile out of the Adobe products.


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