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Where is label meta data in Photoshop?

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  • Where is label meta data in Photoshop?

    So long story short, i have a system that rely on meta data for the workflow to know the next steps. today we noticed that sometimes we get images from our photographers with labels visible in bridge. everyone knows the labels in bridge and how to change them, well this one seems to come from capture one, but i don't know how to change it.

    if you read the exiftool data you'll see its under 'Label:' which total makes sense and in bridge its the same language, as label, but where is label in Photoshop? can i change the label in the meta of an image in PS? if so where is it hidden in the image info?
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    Re: Where is label meta data in Photoshop?

    This question is so specific that I'm doubtful anyone will have encountered the exact same problem. I suggest asking Adobe and Phase One via feedback forums. Phase One is more likely to test this, and it may be a bug in the way this is stored. Overall exif has its own specification that each of these companies is supposed to adhere to.


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      Re: Where is label meta data in Photoshop?

      The short answer is no, you can't (in terms of Labels). Check File>Info in Photoshop, you'll see the metadata it can show you and which can be edited. Some can, some can't. Some is proprietary to Bridge, some isn't.


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