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How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt ?

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  • How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt ?

    Hi everyone,

    I've a job to do.. and there is the question :

    How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt ?

    Here's the pattern

    Anyone have a solution for that ?

    Many thanks to your answers !

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    Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

    Your sample does not appear to display wrinkles, rather it is the natural fall of the tweed caused by the weaving process and once pulled and pushed in garment making is unlikely to display exact symmetry.

    For even a flat on shot like this of any patterned fabric I would not expect to see straight lines and even less for a shirt especially if worn. Just saying as this may be an unreasonable request from a client?

    Still if you do have to proceed it may be a tedious job but should be doable. There are probably several options but as starting point consider using the Liquify and or the warp distort tools

    There appears to be 4 distinct patterns reapeating on this tweed. You may be able to repair the best sample of each and use these to replace the twisted parts - this will only work for areas that are flat - a shirt takes on the three dimensions of the wearer.


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      Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

      The pattern is like this

      But my pictures is like that :


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        Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

        TBH I cannot see how you can really straighten this pattern out and still maintain a realistic look due to the major changes of pattern direction due to the folds in the garment.

        These folds are quite natural where the arm is situated and the pattern veers of at steep angles again quite naturally.

        Maybe I am not understanding but if it is these folds you are trying to straighten then this is going to be a tough job I think to pull it off and look natural. Sorry but I am at a loss to offer anything helpful here


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          Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

          This is a very bad idea. Some of them are needed to maintain a natural appearance. You can copy parts in, then reshape and shade as necessary. It's easy to make it look really really fake. It's better to look primarily at the ones that can be subdued via careful shading. Even then, start with the worst offenders. Stop as soon as the remaining ones are tolerable. It's easy to overdo this, and if you're asking the question, you're likely to overdo it.


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            Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

            I expected it to be unfeasible without becoming very fake and ugly.
            I will force my boss again to speak to the client......

            Thank you very much for your feedback !


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              Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

              Either render or painting. It's close to impossible.


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                Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

                Its looking too much difficult task to do and I am glad that you are thinking to tell this to your boss.


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                  Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

                  Heres what i would do.
                  use frequency seperation to even the tone in the wrinkles, then use liqufy to make some of the lines sit better.
                  after that its copy and paste.
                  puppet warp is your friend here to align the pattern nicely.
                  finish with D&B to make nice.


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                    Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

                    Really? I would like to see how you would fare using those methods with the image posted as an example i.e. this one (not the straight image in the first post ):


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                      Re: How to remove wrinkles from a patterned shirt

                      Tony that example you refer to already has some really bad photoshop work done to it. Im guessing what they are looking for is how to achieve that look but properly executed.
                      The image is in B+W, which makes it easier already, they also have the pattern which could be handy. Removing some folds to simplify, leaving some less dramatic folds to keep the natural flow of the fabric.
                      They are looking for help, and this is how i would approach a clothing pattern problem 90% of the time. I feel very confident i could produce something realistic.
                      I have a firm belief that jobs like this are not impossible, it just takes skill and time, obviously time can be the problem. but as Klev says, its about not overdoing it.
                      The best retouching shouldn't be noticed.


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