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Fixing Skin Tones

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  • Fixing Skin Tones

    Hi guys,

    Apologies for creating a new thread for this - I've tried searching but couldn't find exactly what I needed.

    This is my first beauty retouch so needless to say, I've run into an issue. The problem I'm having is uneven skin tones across the face - the transition from shadow to midtone to highlight contains a nasty yellow/orangey colour (this is most visible on the left cheek, right side of the hairline and under the eye). Obviously I'd like to achieve a more consistent colour in the skin - I've heard that using a gradient map can help with this but I tend to find this creates a pretty unnatural look (perhaps I'm not really using it properly).

    I'd appreciate some assistance with this. The image can be found here:

    I haven't retouched the lips, body or hair just yet by the way!

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    Re: Fixing Skin Tones

    Just use a luminosity mask and reduce saturation of this area.
    You have problems with Hue, saturation and Luminosity. Even it out and problem will go away.
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      Re: Fixing Skin Tones

      Well as you can see, I did what Tulack suggested. I clicked on the channels tab and then Command + Click on the RGB Icon to make a luminosity Mask. I then copied the selection to a new layer, Layer One. I then added a Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer and clipped it to the luminosity Mask Layer. I set the blending mode of the layer 1 to color.

      In this case I just decreased the saturation of the yellows in the photo. But of course there are several other ways to make appropriate color adjustments.
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        Re: Fixing Skin Tones

        Smoothed out some of the tonal transitions in the areas you mentioned.
        Went into camera raw and white balanced the image ( very warm ).
        Masked the white balanced layer and painted in where the problem areas were.


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          Re: Fixing Skin Tones

          Actually the overall image is on the yellow (warm) side. I gave it another round and white balanced it again clicking on the gray background for overall balance.


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