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  • Badge pic of Mom

    This image is my Mother's ID badge from the WWll period when she did war production work (she sewed asbestos gloves for naval fire fighters). The original image was like 1.5 x 1.5 and under glass or plastic. I want to remove the stains and generally clean the image up and print some 5x7 copies for my family. Will be using CS5. Any help or guidlines would be much appreciated.
    here is a link to a higher resolution image.

    Thanks, Dave
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    Re: Badge pic of Mom


    This is possible to i give good result
    Please clarify me, you want same tone and what about background?


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      Re: Badge pic of Mom

      i planned to leave the height chart in the picture. The rest of the background just cleaned up. A sepia tone or just a gray scale would be ok. A vignette or simple oval shaped crop would clean up some of the damaged edges.
      thanks for your interest.


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        Re: Badge pic of Mom

        Dave810, had already taken out the height chart before I read your latest post. I thought it looked more like a police mug shot. Thanks for letting us play with your image.
        I made extensive use of the Clone Stamp and Patch tools. copied the dress and pasted it, then used the Free Transform tool to size, fit and fill the other side. painted in the collar. cleaned the face (maybe to much)
        Good Luck on your project.
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          Re: Badge pic of Mom

          Wow that is great work. Thanks a lot. My reasoning on the height chart was that it was a part of what made it a government ID badge. I know from showing the original to some folks that a first glance it does appear to be a mug shot but then that leads into explaining to them what it really is. Mother was always very proud of the work she did on the home front in WWll and we were proud of her as well. She sewed asbestos gloves for the Navy and people of her generation would have never thought of suing anyone for asbestos exposure.
          Thanks again


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