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Reading bad handwriting

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  • Reading bad handwriting

    Hello! Could anyone help me decipher this? I see Richard and that is about it.
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    Re: Reading bad handwriting


    Can you post this in the restoration forum and also at a larger scale? See forum instructions on submitting attachments - at the moment this is too small to see. Also its best to scan in full colour as you will have more information to start with. You need to scan writing like you do a photo - at a high resolution and in full RGB colour. Then you can start looking at the channels to see if the information is clearer in any particular channel. Sometimes dodge and burn tools work help to bring out detail as you can work in the highlights, midtones and shadows. The trick with writing is to not over whiten the background, if the document is old but clarify the information you have there and that can only be done at a high scan resolution. Look forward to see how you get on. There are a few writing restoration examples under the restoration thread that you will find by using the search function on this website which will help as well.


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