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Aloha,I'm new here.

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  • Aloha,I'm new here.

    Sorry if this not the right BBS for what i'm asking,but it does deal with layers and color.I need some help on how to mask out an area on an anime manga i'm ting to color,i have tried ajusting the magic wond,but it ether too for giving or doesn't get enuff of what i want.
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    Yeah see i need to bring out the face but keep the hair.
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      Hi and welcome to RetouchPro, it's a great place to get help and meet nice people.
      I think Doug's tutorial on masking might be what you need. You can find it in this thread.

      If that's not what you need please ask again I'm sure we can help.


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        Yeah ,i scooped thoues out,the thing is there are a number of hard to reach spots, useing the laso is very time consuming,and setting the magic wond talorace doesn't seem to cut it.


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          Try maksing with a brush instead of the magic wand. You can get into tighter places with a brush.


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            Hello and welcome from me, too.

            For a mask I would use the Quick Mask tool. Since the area you want to select is fairly small and well defined, but color distinctions are subtle, "painting a mask" where you want it would go fairly quickly.

            Another alternative would be to create a new layer, set the blend mode to Color and (literally) paint in the replacement color. The benefit here is the option of creating a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer above the paint layer to change the color to anything you want once you've "painted the mask." Shadows and texture are picked up from the underlying layer.

            I'm not a sketch artist by any stretch of the imagination, so I probably didn't get the shadows just right right between the hair strands, but it took about 3 minutes to do this.

            Does this help?

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              A 4-second color change.
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                Sweet,i'll work on it when i get home.
                I thank you all for you'r input.


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                  Woot.just wanted to let you all know i was too lame to figure out how to use the paint brush mask thing so i whent with the losso,turned out alright.I'll try to post what i came up with.
                  Thanks again.


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