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need crack help ( restoration newbie )

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  • need crack help ( restoration newbie )

    is there any tutorial dealing with cloning technique for HEAVILY cracked images ?
    i had no luck with the decraker .atn ( im using ps 5.5 ) as far as installing it. Katrins book doesnt go into the cloning technique that deeply.
    id appreciate all responses .
    thank all of you for your time and suggestions !

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    For that many cracks, I'd try the healing brush or patch tool.
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      Welcome to RetouchPRO.

      Doug's heart is in the right place but he missed the tidbit that you're using PS 5.5, which doesn't include the tools he mentioned. (FYI: I just graduated from 5.5 to PS7.)

      Regarding the Decrack action, I've got a 5.5 version of it if that's the problem (unable to load the PS6 version into 5.5).

      Send me e-mail (not personal mail) via the following page, and I'll attach 5.5 versions in the reply if you like.

      It would be helpful, too, if you'd add to this thread and "attach" a copy of the image (note: needs to be squished down to 100KB or less... use FILE > SAVE FOR THE WEB feature). That will give folks an idea of what you're up against and enable them to give more targeted advice.



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        here is the picture in question


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          hmmmmmm no do i attach my pic to this reply?


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            1. Click reply post,
            2. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the "Attach file" option
            3. Click BROWSE and locate your file on your computer
            4. Once you find the file to attach, click on it and select open
            5. Note the file size limitation (~100kb) and valid extentions (gif, jpg, png, txt, zip, bmp, jpeg)
            6. Click Submit Reply


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