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    I've done a search...but I'm either not looking right, or am just not coming up with what I need.

    Anyhow, I've seen people here who are using a signature at the bottom of their completed artwork, and I do remember awhile back a discussion about creating a reusable signature.

    Does anyone have a good tutorial and/or method of creating one, or can point me to a link or site that does have one? I recall trying at the time, but not being able to scale it, or color change it (according to whatever artwork I put it on), and have since lost track of where that discussion was.

    I believe one method mentioned creating a brush and I think that is what I tried...but it didn't work well (again, most likely my lack of knowledge).


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    Hi Jeffrey,

    I like these easy questions. Go to the slide out menu, click on "User CP" near the bottom. On the next page, go to "edit profile", and on that page you will see a part where it says "signature". Just type in there whatever it is you want to appear after your posts.



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      Ed, I think Jeffrey is referring to adding signatures to images he's created - not to his posts here at RetouchPro.

      If I've interpreted the question correctly, try this:

      1. Create a new document.
      2. Add either a scanned image of your "real" signature or use the text tool and desired font to create the signature you want.
      3. Flatten
      4. Crop as close to the signature as possible.
      5. Edit->Define Brush... and save with a name you choose. (It should be added to the bottom of your brushes palette.)
      6. Back in the document you want to add a signature to, create a new layer. Select the brush tool and choose the brush you just created. Set the color you want and resize the brush appropriately. Then "stamp" the new layer and you should see your signature added to your image. Because it's on its own layer, you can move it and transform/resize it as needed. You can even change the color/tone to better fit your image.

      Hope this helps,


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        Yes, of course you can use a tablet. I guess the reason I didn't mention that is I've just never felt that my signature looks as "real" when I use the tablet (as opposed to signing with ball point pen on paper.)



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          Originally posted by jeaniesa
          Ed, I think Jeffrey is referring to adding signatures to images he's created - not to his posts here at RetouchPro.
          I knew it was too easy! Guess I'd better pay more attention to what I'm reading!!



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            Yep, thats what I was looking for...I'll give that a try, and DUH, I guess I could even try using my tablet, sometimes the answer is on the desk in front of you!

            Anyhow, thanks.

            Oh, and thanks for the effort Ed. "A" for effort!


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              What I do is to create a signature using a cursive type on a blank new file. I size the image to similar pixel range as the file I am going to apply it to. I select the text only and copy it into the picture file as a new layer. I then convert this layer to a semi-transparent overlay with emboss and bevel to taste. This creates an amost transparent signature.

              This proceedure can be done either with a signature applied directly to the image using a tablet or to a scanned signature. The embosing and semi-transparency adds a nice effect I think.


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                Don't forget Jak's tutorial on this very subject:

                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Another option,..sometimes forgotten

                  I believe you can create your signature in a seperate program all together. Some software programs have better text art than others, and I heard somewhere that PS was a little weak in fonts and text art. Just a suggestion.



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                    PhotoShop has no limit as to how many fonts and text art you can have. I have several thousand fonts. I created a custom shape for my signature just click and drag to the size you need (vector draw your signature) it’s fast.


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                      I stand corrected.



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                        Additional question

                        Ok, not to sound too ignorent...

                        Vector draw my signature and then convert to a custom shape?

                        Ok, back to Photoshop tonight (at home) to figure out how to do that!

                        Thanks all