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  • how to complement colors

    how do i create complementing colors for the background and foreground color for my webpage? any tips? what is the best color for white and black background? what is the best format for images?

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    Here are a few sites full of all kinds of web development info:

    Web Design Tuts

    Color Theory

    Optimization Tips

    Color Theory Test Site (neat little site where you drag a drop colors and see how they interact) list of sites on web color

    This should get you started. Also try out your own search using a search engine as there are tons of sites out there on web development.



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      Classic Mac users, try this link:

      It's basically a simple colour wheel, where the user can choose the amount of hue pointers that are in preset point directions. Simply rotate the pointers and they will point to various opposing or complimentary colours on the hue wheel.

      Even the demo has some use. PC users see the attached zip archive of some of the small amount of colour combinations presented, although you can't beat the live interactive interface of Harmony - this may help you see some of the suggested colour combos.

      Stephen Marsh.
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        thanks for the tif files. btw, why is it there are no white or black color in those tif files? also, thanks for this but why is it i read in a website that cool color complements warm color like violet and blue complements each other?


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          A hue wheel does not consider brightness or saturation - only hue.

          From memory you can select from 2 , 3, 4, 5 or 6 sets of colours with the above software.

          The colour choice is semi auto, depending on how many spokes are on the wheel, where the spokes point and how many limited colours are in the palette.

          As for your questions on colour theory, try these links:

          Stephen Marsh.


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