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    can,t get pic to upload

    Last edited by gifted; 02-11-2003, 07:42 AM.

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    I think the most common reason people have problems getting pics to upload is because there is a size limit. If you make the size 100K, and upload as a .jpg, there shouldn't be any problem. If you're uploading to the gallery, the limit is 200K. Hope this answers your question.



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      Eric, It looks like your file size is under the 100K limit. Are you by any chance previewing your post before submitting it? If so, that is known to delete your attachment. Try submitting without previewing - and if you need to edit your post afterwards, you can do that with the "edit" button at the bottom of your post.



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        help with pic

        how should i retouch this pic? new to photoshop.

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          how should i retouch this pic? -- Eric
          Do you know what you want to change in the image? Did you photograph the shot -- if so, what was your intent? You can make changes - blur the background, change the background, spiff up the paint job on the car, eliminate the glowing light beneath the car, etc. -- but some of those changes might detract from a certain mood that an artist might want to project.

          Personally, I'd probably mask the washed out sky and parts of the cityscape behind her, and give it a gaussian blur to reduce the distraction, or crop the image more tightly. But it depends completely on what you want the image to communicate.

          Give us some details, and I'm sure you'll get some info on what tools in PShop 7 will help you create the look you're trying to achieve.


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            I would like to color correct the pic and make the face sharper.



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              This is a nice picture. What will help fix this picture is a levels correction. That's the first thing you need to do. There might be a tutorial on this site for that, but if there isn't you can do a search on google for 'levels correction', as the mechanics are beyond this thread, (even though it's quite simple). It might take you an hour to learn.
              Follow that up with adding a layer above all of 50% gray, then change the blend mode of this layer to soft light, which will make the gray layer transparent. Then paint on this layer with the dodge & burn tool, carefully burning around the eyes, etc.
              The picture itself is actually is bad shape, but that might be because you had to reduce its size to post it here.
              Sharpening this picture really isn't much of an option, as it will bring out more artifact, at least at this size.
              Levels correction and dodge & burn is probably what you're looking for here.


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                How bout this...

                I couldn't resist...

                Recolored the car, played around with some Gaussian Blur and the Saturation on the background...

                Just tried to make a bit more dramtic.
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                  I am confused....

                  Which is really nothing new when I am involved. I really like the expression on this girls face and the possibilities,...where I am confused is in the composition itself. Why is there a bright light eminating from under the front of the car? The way her legs are straddling, it is almost as if something is bursting out from underneath. I guess I don't understand what the light source is suppose to be. Again, I confuse easily, and sometimes am very guilty of missing the trees for the forest.

                  Thanks for any insight!

                  Take care,
                  Nite Owl


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                    A fun picture. Here is one a little on the wild side.



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                      VERY COOL Chip!

                      Once I figure out how to do all this stuff in PS I think I am gonna have a ball! Love your interpretation. Too Awesome!



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                        Here's a quick one.

                        1. Magnetic Lasso - Select girl, car and part of foreground.
                        2. Switch to Quickmask and clean up edges ( I wasn't too careful here).
                        3. Exit QM and save selection as "Layer via Copy".
                        4. Select Background in Layers palette.
                        5. Eraser tool - erase Background to black.
                        6. In Colour Picker, choose yellowish colour.
                        7. Brush tool, select Airbrush and huge soft brush.
                        8. Fiddle with brush opacity, start around 75%
                        9. Use lower opacity to blend in edges of "aura".
                        10. Switched to greenish colour and very low opacity for a little fringe.
                        11. Select Layer in Layers palette.
                        12. Adjusted levels, sharpened with Unsharp mask.
                        13. Select Sharpen tool, set to Luminosity and aharpened detail areas.
                        14. That's about it....
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                          I thought I give this one a try.

                          First of all, I liked everything in the photo, just not so much of it

                          I tried to subdue the car and background. I eliminated the light from underneath the car by freehand selecting that area, feather of 15. On separate layer, filled selection with black. Layer set to multiply blend mode, opacity of 30.

                          Changed the time of the photo from day into dusk (or is it dawn?)

                          Used a gradient to create orange/violet lighting on separate layer. Layer set to multiply blend mode, opacity of 81.

                          Selected the girl and made 3 copies. Layers stacked above gradient layer. Set one copy to screen, 80% opacity, one to luminosity, 100% opacity. Did a color balance correction on the third copy, set that to color blend mode, 10% opacity.

                          So is she just going out, or just getting home?

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                            Lorraine, I really like how you handled the light under the car. The lighting/overall color cast is great too. Good job.

                            Chip, yours is wild! I love it. How did you do it?


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                              Lorraine - I really like your version. I vote for just getting home

                              ArtistColumbus - mine was just a really simple quick version. I created a hue/saturation adjustment layer, changed saturation to +100, and painted black on the girls hair and skin (except the leg), then applied a mild USM to the girls face.




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