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  • Photo on ceramic

    Hi all.

    I have a customer that has a photo on a thick white ceramic plate. It has been manually touched up at the time of its inception.

    Does anybody out there know anything of this type of photography?



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    Hi Kate:

    Maybe I'm missing something here... (but I haven't had dinner yet). Is your question regarding the process of getting the image transferred onto the plate and then later, how one goes about touching it up?

    I'd be interested in seeing how this comes out. Sounds facinating.



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      Silly Billy

      I am asking if anybody has any information on this type of photography.

      Enjoy your dinner.


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        Dinner was lovely, thanks!

        I'm still not getting it... I've seen all kinds of stuff (coffee cups, pillows, t-shirts, plates, whatever) onto which photo images are transferred. The photography is photography regardless of the ultimate destination of the image.

        Are you saying that somehow the photo image is applied directly to the plate? Is there something special about the image on the plate?

        I know the light will go on for me (eventually). Be gentle.


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          This is funny - but then I am warped.

          Ok the photo is really old. It is on a ceramic plate, something link a ceramic tile but not shiny. It could even be marble come to think of it. Anyway it is a photo but at the time of inception it was highlighted using some form of ink/paint.

          It is the best I can describe it.

          I am glad dinner was good. I am off to have lunch now.


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            I have a question on the ceramic tile...

            Hi, I hit the next thread and ended up here, and after the few posts, I too became interested....What are you going to do with the picture that has been touched up and placed upon a shiny marble tile? [Not trying to be coy, just thorough.

            Do you plan to replicate the image onto a different medium, or do you want to restore the present image on the present medium?

            I missed dinner entirely, so I may be having my own brain short. Curious to see how this plays out. And I would love to see this image!

            Take care,


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              oh gosh

              You people really need to eat.

              Let me say it again. I am after any information somebody may have about this medium used in photography. Nothing else.


              Many thanks.


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                Ok, I had a quick snack for some brain power.... Are you planning to do the same type of work yourself with your own pictures on your own marble tiles? Whew....I hope tht is close.

                I have not heard of this other than the ivory painting, and they use a special dye. I once did acrylics on a automobile hood,...I did a huge 'Ninja Turtle' saying "Cowabunga" on a car hood for a demo derby. That thing went throw, rain, mud, and repeated smashes and the paint held up beautifully.

                have you checked the web? Ask Jeeves, usually does a pretty good search for info on a particular subject. Interesting. Let us know what you find out, and where you decide to go with it.

                take care,
                Nite Owl


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                  I know of an old technique where the image is separated from the backing and applied directly to a plate or canvas and sometimes wood?


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                    Phew - we seem to have got over that hurdle.

                    I was beginning to think that I was chasing my tail.

                    No I am not planning on doing anything particularily fancy with the photo as it is a customers. I told her I would try and get some info about the format of it.

                    We are getting closer with the info about transferring onto other items so that is good.

                    Thank you all.

                    (Should some of you not be tucked up in bed? It must be quite late there as it is mid afternoon here in Sydney. Gotta tell you we are melting with this humidity).


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                      Funny you should say that Katie

                      Here were I am it is about 11pm,...and we just had a foot of snow dropped on us! Sub freezing temps and an artic wind blowing pretty good! We are all freezing to death in Michigan!

                      Glad you are getting some answers,..aren't these forums fun?



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                        It is funny isn't it we are so close but so far away.

                        I bet you would like some of our warm (really very hot and muggy) sunshine. I sure would like a cool down.

                        We are in the midst of a water crisis here - NSW has been declared completely drought stricken. We might be buying your snow soon to melt for water!


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                          So sorry to hear about the drought!

                          My husband just filled me in on the situation down there. I would have to say we have it much better, at least this snow only effects school attendance and heat bills. I can only hope and pray things approve for your crisis in your country.

                          I enjoy this forum, and I love computers, photography, and cool people like you that I get to meet on these forums!

                          Nice to meet you by the way, I am Paula, fairly new to this forum, new to photography, new to photoshop, new to all of it except for computers, been there done that for a while!

                          Take care,
                          Nite Owl


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                            Katie, the medium is photography. The technique is putting an image on a surface. Fixing the image on the plate is repairing or retouching.

                            If you are asking what kind of photography to use, any type 35mm, medium or digital it doesn't matter.

                            If you are asking how to get an image on a surface there are serveral ways I know of. Most require special equipment. A simple solution ia a product called liquid emulsion. Was you plate photo black and white or color? If b&w this product works well. Color not so well.

                            If you want to repair the image on the plate, I don't have an answer. More then likely the image on the plate had to have been sealed in some maner. Retouching doesn't seem like it would be possible.



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                              Katie, I just thought of something. When I had a photo on white acetate and was trying to learn more about that process, I contacted the George Eastman House: International House of Photography and Film. Click on the "Ask a Curator" link and ask your question. I got a helpful response within a couple of days.

                              If you learn anything, I'd be interested knowing too. Sounds intriguing.



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