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Seeking impressions on canvas type sepia..I think.

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  • Seeking impressions on canvas type sepia..I think.

    Hi all, I have been very busy lately trying to learn how to photoshop, and dabbling in PaintShop Pro, and trying to wean away from my PD2000 [although I believe that is a lost cause!] I took this picture in sepia, and used a telephoto lens on an overcast day. The girls had scaled the brick wall and rocks bordering the pool after the dam. I was standing on the dam, and surprised them when they made it safe and sound and looked up to see me....It was about 30 degrees that day, and a rather foolish adventure on their parts,...they still had to made the return journey. Because of pixelation, [from cropping, and enlarging, I ended up with a lot of noise. I applied an adjustment layer and played with the buttons, and such until I could see less noice. Then I went to PD2000 and applied my texture, and filter. Played a bit with brush stroke, pressure, size and transparency. Then returned to PS5 for the matte and finish.

    I really like the expressions and composition and wanted to save this, now I just hve to determine the best way to print it,...still have sooooo much to learn! All comments appreciated. I would like to do this professionally, and just want to be sure I am on the right track so far. Thanks and take care., It looks better at original size. Also there is a second one I did as well today right before it which is a landscape. Just looking for indicators.