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Help! -- Can't download challenge images

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  • Help! -- Can't download challenge images

    Maybe one of you has had this same problem and can help me out.

    I have Mac OS X and use AOL. (Hate AOL, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, you take what you can get.) When I try to download the files from the challenges, I click and hold the mouse until the pop-up menu gives me the option to "Save Image As..." Then, I save the file to my folder. So far, no problem. However, when I go to open the file in Photoshop (still only have PS6) I get the message "Could not open "file.jpg" because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found."

    I can't figure it out and it's really frustrating because I want to try all of these challenges. Can some help me out?

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    Just because you use AOL doesn't mean you can't use another browser. Try using IE or Netscape after you've connected via AOL. I've heard of AOL causing problems with images.
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      I've been having that problem as well, especially with Netscape.

      Photoshop is not recognizing the files when they're saved without adding an extension. I now rename the files and add the .jpg extension to the new names; e.g., for the original file name "attachment", I do Save as "photo.jpg"



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        Also in AOL, you might want to check to be sure that the default "AOL compression" isn't affecting your files. In AOL, look in Settings>Preferences>Internet Properties (www). Then, click on the Web Graphics tab and choose "Never compress graphics". Click OK and close the preferences window. You may need to then clear out your cached internet files so that AOL will download the uncompressed version of the file.

        Good luck,


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          Thanks everone for your help! I followed the suggestions and it seems to be working now.


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