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  • Space Pic..

    Keeping this drawing/photo a b&w, what else could be added to further make this Pic.. interesting? I like it but feel that there could be more elements added..I think?

    Let me know what you think.

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    Well, I'm not sure what you had in mind. It's interesting as is.

    They seem to be looking to the right of the moon (or whatever it is). Have you considered adding a space ship or flying saucer coming from the moon toward them?



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      Thanks for your thoughts . I like the picture sometimes, but feel that maybe it might need another element added. I think that the spaceship is one good idea. Maybe it would give the sense of them being rescued?



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        First let me say that I like that image very much.

        Though I find the comet (meteorite or whatever it is) in the upper left side a bit distracting.

        As for what to add, maybe just a pale glow or fainted light to figure the unknown. Or a pale figure of a mother they would be searching for ?

        But, as I said, I think it's very good as it is (except the comet).


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          Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe that's why I'm sort of dissatisfied with the piicture. I know that there is something not right but could't pin point it. I appreciate your help . Thanks again.

          Anyone else out there have anymore suggestions on the composition of this picture I would appreciate it to here your ideas.



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            Exceptionally good...... also agree with Retpmikl's comment, the comet distraction.

            Had a feeling they, the cchildren should see something in the moon, however faint. The parent's image perhaps


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              Yes, don't add anything, but subtract the comet. This is a great image! Really excellent work!



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