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I need a background

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  • I need a background

    maybe I've been working on this too long, but I can't seem to find a background that 'works' for me. any suggestions?

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    Pictures pertaining to the field of study graduated from would probably be appropriate - something in collage form comes to mind for me. Pictures of the Alma Mater - classmates - school colors...


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      Was just playing around with this......
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        She wishes!!!

        I like the background and will definitely file the idea for future use.



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          If it's to be framed as a portrait, just add a simple textured grayish or blue-gray photographer's studio style background with a gradient to make it look like a backlight was used. I'd keep it light and subtle.

          If you really want a more interesting background, I'd suggest a nice photo of the campus faded out a bit behind her.

          Or puppies...lots of puppies! Preferably beagles!

          Phyllis (sorry, couldn't resist! )


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            am i ready to print?

            although I love puppies, I think the subject of the photo would prefer kitties!
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              Looks ready to me.


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                You have my vote..... looks very good. Whatever did you do to get such an improvement in her face?


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                  just fiddled around with levels and a tiny bit with hue/sat.

                  I'll have to go back to my original 600 dpi images, but I don't see a lot of difference. cheeks just seem a little pinker in the new image.

                  OH....and I sharpened her eyes just a tad.

                  The snapshot I took was better than the professional portraits, but I didn't want the hand waving on her head, or the swinging tassel in an official graduation portrait.

                  I got the new tassel from another snapshot.


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                    Great job!



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                      Had a few minutes...

                      Just added a quick gradient to the background and ran Frame action (Frame w/coarse texture - written by Bud Guinn) on it to produce the frame.
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                        SJM. It that grain quality in the background a byproduct of working with the original picture, or did you add to it. I think it looks great.

                        Or maybe I should ask instead, how do I make one of those backgrounds. I never seem to have luck with gradients or any other methods I try.


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                          SJM Chuck and Andrew are right you are right on the money and I also like the background texture, let us know how you did it.


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                            thank you for your kind critique!

                            The background is my own creation after many failed attempts.

                            I started with a new layer and did a fill with a blue that I liked.

                            then I made another layer with the same blue, but lightend it.

                            Then I went back to the first blue layer and using the elliptical marquee tool (feather somewhere between 30-50 pixels) created the oval cutout.

                            Then I just played with noise and texture until I got the look I wanted.

                            Sorry I can't be more specific, but I'll be happy to share it with anyone who might be interested.


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