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  • Challenge anyone?

    Well I have taken a break from "playing" with the Web site. I wanted a new challenge and boy did I get one. This is for my brother-in-law, were it from a customer I might would have turned it down. This picture is in such bad shape I'm sure it will take a lot of work unless any of you have some magic potient. I have been experimenting with different head tops to fix that problem. The general decay of the entire picture is my real problem. I think I can do the body part transplants but the entire picture is covered with cracks and spots. I have tried dust and scratches but this seems to be way beyond any filter I have. I even ran it through Neat Image, which helped some. Any ideas on how to get this one back in shape?
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    Start with a better scan, if possible. That image is already badly clipped in the highlights and shadows and appears to be already converted to grayscale. Start with a good, raw scan, and check the color channels. One will generally be a lot cleaner than the others.
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      Hi Kevin,

      Good idea from Doug about scanning in RGB and checking the channels.

      Here is my 2 cents - what I did with a quick test ...

      - First I resampled to a larger image

      - to remove the portion of the image that is dark spot damage, I used the clone tool in lighten mode from adjacent areas that were slightly darker so that the only spots affected where the dark spots and average detail was maintained.

      - Used a a small and weak smudge tool to blend tones so as to get the average tone, careful to blend in the direction of the shape of the face.

      I would do this first, do what I could to restore, dodge and burn to bring back shape, add a slight grain to unify the art work.

      Mouth needs more work, but you get the idea ...

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        I just took another look at it, you have some big circles that are darker than the rest of the image, I would also lighten those first so that they don't throw you off when working on the detail.


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          I'm sorry, I thought I had uploaded the original scan. Here is a copy of the original, with all channels.
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            Thanks Roger for your tips. This one is not going to be easy to get into shape. I guess I was hoping for some magic. I have continued work on the image. I appreciate your tips, I don't know why I don't remenber to use the blend modes on those tools like you suggested.

            By the way that scanned image was generated by Silverfast AI using all the dust and scratches filter it could give me. You don't want to see the original.


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              HI Kevin.

              I tried two different systems and this was the best.

              The healing tool used on his face and dog.
              Once you do that I use the blur tool to smooth the skin out, it works if you do not touch the eyes. That keeps the sharpness.

              The shirt I used the patch tool and then I did clone painting.

              I usedf the clone tool on every ting else.

              The sky I used Nik pen despeckler.

              Last I used the un sharp mask.

              You can repaint it if you had the mind to.

              Hope its what you are looking for.
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                Hi Phili1, that is pretty much what I ended up with. Lots of adjustments with clone and healing brushs. I'm not very happy with the results but I guess this is one of those really bad photo's that cannot be made perfect. I hope I don't run into too many like this one. Especially if it is for a paying customer, I will get it out front that this type of damage is very hard to restore to original condition. Here is what I ended up with. The customer wanted it colorized so against my better judgment I did that also.
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                  Kevin its an excellent job. The picture has a main problem, its not sharp. Most of what we do when we have spots or noise is use bluring tools and the clone tool and healing tool does this ae well.

                  Your attempt is as good as anyone can do with what tools you had to work with.

                  You sound like me cant stand if it is not right.

                  I think he should be very happy. Great job.


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                    Thanks for your comments Phili1. Your right about the softness. When we get a good original that's not soft it can stand the abuse that our proceedures cause and we can reduce the softness we created. But when the image is already too soft then it becomes hard to sharpen the image after running several proceedures. There was so little detail at all in this image it was a real tough job. I will let them know how much this would have cost, had they been a paying customer. I don't think I'll display this work on my Web site though.


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                      My first attempt

                      Hi Kevin,

                      I am a new member and am really excited to find this forum. I have no formal training and am anxious to learn more. I hope you don't mind my making a stab at your interesting challenge.

                      I made a lot of adjustments, smoothed it, darkened the sky slightly to define him a bit more. Cloned out the spots. Added some darkening to his left shoulder to add some shadow. Changed levels, straightened and cropped it and added a black border to enhance the contrast and create a little more pop.

                      It's still too grainy for my taste, but I chalk that up to my lack of experience, something I'm hoping to remedy here at RetouchPro.

                      Anyway, there's my first (timid) try.
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                        Hi Chris, Welcome to RetouchPro. A very good effort on the repair and thanks for your input. I am still working on this image. I decided that the colorized version definately didn't look good enough to give to anybody. So I am starting fresh and trying to get a better result. I don't think that this image will work well with colorization anyway. I will be lucky to get a good black and white. There just isn't any good data to work with.


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