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  • digital weight reduction

    I do not have a picture but how do you get rid of double chins . Also how do you slim people down on their photos.

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    You might check out This Thread for some tips...


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      For the double chin - blend modes like lighten/darken and healing tools or ImageDoctor plugs can help.

      Check the above link to links on retouching/rubber stamp.

      For the weight reduction - there are probably two common options.

      i) Extract (using any method) the person from the background.

      ii) Retouch in suitable background and foreground tone/colour.

      It all depends on the image and job brief. <g>

      Stephen Marsh.


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        For the double chin copy the neck below the double chin to a new layer, move it up to the top chin, mask to blend in and hide the area on the layer which doesn't hide the lower chins, reduce opacity of the layer a little for a natural look.

        For weight reduction carefull and delicate use of the liquify tool (does wonders for the figure). Or resample to a little narrower shape (8x10 becomes 8x10.5). You can also add shadowing to give the illusion of a thinner shape.

        Another use for the liquify tool, if one eye is smaller than the other: use one click of the bloat liquify tool placed over, and slightly larger, than the pupil of the eye you want to enlarge.

        Fun stuff- Roger


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          digital weight loss

          thanks for all the suggestions. I never worked with the liquify before. Nor did I have any idea how to even start to fix a double chin. Your ideas are great now I wonder how hard it is going to be to master them! Something to work on. Thank you!