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Help with an old polaroid photo

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  • Help with an old polaroid photo

    I am a newbie to this photo stuff. I have an old polaroid photo which the flash never went off it is very dark but I am able to see the image. I do have Paint shop pro 7 and have tried to play around and lighten it up but Im getting nowhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dunbar

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    You'll probably get more input if you post a copy of the photo for people to see. It's hard to comment on a photo without seeing the flaws for yourself.


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      I dont have a scanner so I cant post the pic


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        I really dont want to share this photo. I hope you can understand that. Thanks


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          Dunbar - your position is understood.

          Let's use this educational image as an example:

          There are a few ways to brighten a dark scan.

          Perhaps the easiest is the EQUALIZE command (it will set white and black points and then attempt to even out tone inbetween).

          This equalized image can then be luminance blended into the original to retain the original colour if required. Some other blending and tricks may be required - but the equalize command is the part which makes this work so well and easy.

          Stephen Marsh.


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            Hi dunbar,

            If you go to the Jasc site there's a tutorial.

            Here's the link...


            Keep clicking the 'next' link at this tutorial to find out how you can lighten your picture and fix the colours, or whatever you'd like done.
            The good news is your picture is too dark. Had your picture been too light your job would've been harder.

            Good luck,