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Sun bleached #2

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  • Sun bleached #2

    Here is the 2nd sun bleached although it is more evenly distributed, it is still a pain. Both these photos could be turned to grayscale (and then made sepia) and show some semblance of probability, but the husband and wife have the squared off parts that make it seem impossible.

    Any hope?

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      Young man

      Here is the other faded pic. Finally I got the sizes, etc. and these are going through.

      Awaiting your insightful responses...
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        A very small image, but workable. I show it as less than 50k. This is just good old fashion fading from age and the sun. This one is easy to work with in Photoshop using curves, particularly the 3 eyedroppers (plus an overall adjustment). But your other image has no color left at all, so it will have to be converted to a black and white. Are there any questions I can answer?
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          Husband wife grayscale

          Thanks Bill - that is an excellent version. The one we did we took the color out of and it still was not real nice, better, but not as nice. I think I found the tutorial on the levels or rather curves correction that may be what I need to learn to do.

          The husband and wife I did change to grayscale and then made sepia but there is still a lot of crackling in the pic that probably can't be seen because of the size and not something that the decrack would probably take care of ......

          So, I guess my question still stands as to how I would post the largest size pic for the most visibility, etc. By size or format, etc.? I kept dropping the size and resolution to bring it down. Probably could've sent the husband wife in grayscale. Trying resolution of 122 and a little larger size. Any Better?

          Tips on sizing best for quality?
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            Gail, please check this tip for hints on resizing images for RetouchPro.



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              Thanks Jeanie - That's a lot to absorb, but I'm sure it will be worthwhile.


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                The color cast adjustment with levels is go to options check Find Dark & light colors - check snap neutral colors.

                It works about 90% of the time but sometimes when there is too much neutral it does not work. It is an extension of Adobe 7 auto color. The big differenc is if your working on a 8 to 10 photos you can save the adjustment on the first one and use the rest so they match, this takes care of the one that does nopt adjust..


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                  Nice picture of the couple. Looks like something out of the 70's. This was done with filters, layer masks, and painting tools.

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                    Hi, Gail. In response to your question about resizing to the best quality for posting here under 100k, there are several directions to accomplish the same thing. But after experimenting with them and Photoshop's "Save for web", the following simple steps in Photoshop work for me:

                    1. In the Image Size dialog box, I check both the constrain and resample boxes at the bottom and change the resolution to 72.
                    I then reduce the longest side of the image in the document to 9 inches, unless it has now become less than that already.
                    2. Click OK and then select Save As (a jpg copy) and shoot for a quality of no less than 8, with 10 being ideal (12 is more than you need and will almost always be huge). Your file will need to be less than 95k. If you can't get quality 8 with that 9 inches, try 8 inches or less.
                    Works for me. Bill


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                      I played around with this a bit yesterday, but didn't get time to post it.

                      I played with histogram, and then used clone and push brush to clean the edges, and lightened his hat and collar with the change to target brush.

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                        MIg thats an awsome job, I tried and didnt get the success you did. How about a tutorial on how.


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                          You're right Phili - Bill M, Mig and Tyeise did some super things. PS7 has some super tools that I haven't begun to explore. All the tips are wonderful, and hopefully I can follow some of them and try to duplicate the qualities.

                          Also thanks again for the sizing tips (and Jeanie again). It must be difficult to tell what's going on with such small pics to upload/download - what do you convert them to, to see better - like to do a challenge or whatever, like when you received these from me?, etc.

                          And, is one of these a good candidate for a tutorial? They sure had me baffled. But then curves has always been sacred ground for me. Not to mention the new tools you've checked out. Have to get over fears and start playing a little. Will have more time soon...

                          Ok - here's the deal, here's the one we did desaturated/sepia. I changed it to 8" jpg. 72dpi 8 quality and it reads like 48k but opens 737k. Is this what it's supposed to do and is acceptable?


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                            forgot pic

                            here's the pic we did
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                              The 100k limit is on the jpg COMPRESSED size and NOT the opened size. Ignore the opened size. So the 50ish size is still smaller than it needs to be. Keep smiling! Bill