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  • allan luc picard

    have spent many hours trying to substantiate my claim that my brother looks like jean-luc picard.

    i am fairly satisfied, but never could get the texture right; was more tryng to match my brother's face texture to patrick stewart's bald head texture; might should have tried the other way around.

    when you zoom in on the baldness, it looks like noise, only bigger pieces. I tried a few different things to make "big noise" but nothing worked.

    any suggestions? prob. should change it to photo-art; covers many sins.
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    Kathleen. YOu did a great job, but your problem is the pic of your brother is soft and JOhn Lu is sharp, hard to blend that way.

    Anyway he does with about 25 years age.


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      I down loaded your picture and did two adjustments that will help.

      ! - I made Luc younger and it brings the resemblance closer.
      2- On your brother, sometimes when you do composits you pick up jaggies on skin, so what I do is I use the blur tool around 50% opacity and paint it out. Make sure you leave eyes and nose and mouth as close to original as poassable.

      See revised Photo
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        hey phili,

        thanks for your response - i guess it should have dawned on me the more rational thing to do is soften the one instead of trying to sharpen the other; i have given him a little going over with a blurred layer mask, and it does look more even .

        i wish i had figured out how to make that "big noise" texture tho.

        thanks again



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          I tried something that you can try.

          I selected Luc's nose and draged it to your brother nose and blended it I then cloned Luc's eye color to your brother.

          I think if you have seperate pictures you can use the transform scale to get the longer head and you will have a clone.
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